måndag 10 februari 2014

Back to the big city

Tomorrow I'm flying up to Stockholm and "Stockholms dramatiska högskola" again to FINALLY watch the movies we worked on this fall :D I'm so excited! And of coarse no Stockholm visit unless you're attending a musical so tomorrow I'm watching "Sweeney Todd" (!) at Stockholms stadsteater with the big star Peter Jöback in the leading role as the demon barber of Fleet Street ;) 

I have now also begun my second and last internship-period. Now I'm in Helsingborg and Elinebergsskolan as the set designer for the 9h graders production of Hairspray. This is the first time in my life I have to work with students and being a sort of instructor to the ones that are in the so called building-group..well it's going quite well and I think it's going to work better after a while :) 

My own movie is also going quite well. Still in some planning mode but beginning slitly towards the testing of the miniature-model in front of the camera that I'm attempting to do in my film, see how that goes..I have bougt two props that are awesome. One is a very old headlight that didn't work at first but with a new batteri and some tape in works! I also have my cameraman ready so that's a relief. The kind of important stuff I don't have is my actors but I do have some in mind ;)

Besides all this I have some future projects that I have been asked to do and they're really exciting stuff, both film and musical-theatre :D

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