fredag 22 augusti 2014

Summer's over!

Summer is over and what a summer it has been! One of the last things I did was climbing in UpZone, an adventure-climbing-high-up-in-the-trees kind of thing and it was awesome! The ziplines was the best part :) 

Last saturday we finally began to rehearse Little Shop of Horrors at Kristianstad Teater and it is sooo much fun, it's going to be great and a fantastic expreience :) 

Also Pipedream Production have had their collation (don't know if that's the word for it in english, kollationering in swedish, read-trough of the script with the cast) for A Christmas Carol the musical. For myself I think the set design for the show is finished on paper but still we haven't started building anything yet due to lack of building area. Hopefully we will begin in september because I really want to begin with the practical stuff now with building and painting.