söndag 27 juli 2014

Christmas in the summer

Long time since I wrote something...Well to sum things up, I've been trying to shut out the extremely nice summer wheather and fill my head with snow, carols, christmas trees and decorations because I've been doing and and still are being busy with the set design for Pipedream Productions A Christmas Carol the musical. Alot of stuff to think of in this musical! It's really fun and extremely challenging but I think it will become quite awesome in the end with everything in place and to finally see it come alive. 

I have also done other things this summer: a trip to Liserberg (went on the new rollercoaster Helix twice and it was awesome :)), Ven, Tykarpsgrottan, Kullen and Nimis. Seen the outdoor-musical called Bruksspelet in Klippan, and also the outdoor-theatre Hönor och Svärmeri in my hometown Ängelholm and I finally got to see the show in Wallmans Copenhagen were I've done some stuff for the set design last summer when I worked at Ljus och Dekor in Halmstad. Soon I'm also going to see The Little Mermaid-musical in Copenhagen and Pang i Bygget (Fawlty Towers Live) in Fredriksdalsteatern and tomorrow I'm going to Öland for the first time. The trip I'm still hoping to do quite soon is to Norrköping and to visit the Harry Potter exhibition. 

I've also now been singing on a wedding for the first time and for being the first time I'm quite satisfied with my performance. Every thursday I'm also performing in the so called Bonusensemble at Allsång i Parken in Malmö Folkets Park, and as last year it's a blast :)

I'm also now a Whovian and hooked to Doctor Who so...Allons-y!