onsdag 22 maj 2013

Eurovision Song Contest 2013!

Last week I was in Malmö to watch Eurovision Song Contest in Malmö Arena. I was at the first semi final on thursday and then the gran final on saturday (!) It was absolutely amazing, what an event it is and I could really feel the slogan "We are one", especially on the grand final. See you next year in Denmark then, only 20 min away from this years place :)

Me outside the arena 

The stage from my seat

A better viewing of the stage. Isn't it pretty? 

Grand Final
The intro, Eurovision Anthem

The winner, Denmarks Emmelie de Forest with "Only Teardrops"

Directly after the show this stood outside the arena. Pretty fast, don't you think? 

tisdag 21 maj 2013


For about a week I get to work with a dinousar exhibition in Halmstad Arena. The exhibition shows dinosaur fossils, some of them is about 300 million years old! (the whole exhibition contain 80% real fossils). We got to fix and decorate the podiums where the fossils stands and also hang up fabric in the arena hall. This was really a fun and rememberable week, who had thought I would get to work so near a 300 million year old Tyrannosaurus Bataar? :)


A normal day at work. Just me, taping under a Tyrannosaurus Bataar ;)

I don't have any pictures of the end result with lights and everything but I hope I can post that later.

Some of my resent work on stage

Because of that some of my last work was for the stage and haven't had their opening nights yet, I couldn't post any pictures of it but NOW it's time for them! :)

I'll start with the last thing I blogged about: High School Musical On Stage! 

Two big theatre masks

The second thing: The Anniversary Dance Show with Dansfabriken.
25 boxes that created a painting of the Dansfabriken logo. 

Sadly, I don't have any good pictures of the end result on stage.