söndag 19 januari 2014

Commie Newspaper!

This wednesday I've got searched by an journalist wanting to write an article about me and my education. So on thursday I've had a meeting and interview with him and a photographer and today it fianlly hit the newpaper! :D So cool, a TWO page spread AND the front page but offcoarse the atricle is fully loaded with my name spelled the wrong way... 


torsdag 16 januari 2014

Wanna improve!

I'm feeling very inspired to improve my drawing skills on the computer nowadays so here's some of the things I've done now. The problem with me is that I don't have the patience to sit hours and hours working on one drawing, I might have to work on that too -.- And yeah, I'm really into The Hobbit right now :)

måndag 13 januari 2014

Picture time!

Pictures from my work on Engelholmsrevyn 2014!

We begin with some building process pictures and then I will add pictures from the final look with lights and everything :)

onsdag 1 januari 2014

Commie newspaper and a happy new year!

Yesterday it was finally time for the premiere of Engelholmsrevyn were I have done my first part of the internship-period of the second year of my education plan. So yesterday the review of it was in the newspaper and it got 4/5! (even though the set design got a little mixed reviews) But hey, 4 out of 5 is really good for this type of variety shows and for being my first ever own set design on a stage I'm really proud of what I have accomplished in the show anyway :) (pictures are coming soon)

Here is the review:

A new year has begun and now I have to really work, think and plan hard on my examination film before I'm beggining with my second part of the internship-period mixed with singing lessons, dance and musical training. No rest for the wicked