fredag 30 maj 2014

The end is near

Next week is the last week of the education and therefore also the last examinations and the showing of my movie soooo...

torsdag 22 maj 2014

Time has flown

Crazy...I think I might be done with my exam-movie now...Kind of a lot of editing these past days but yeah, I think it's done :D 

Now it's just to finish the last paper and doing things for the exam exhibition and then I'm done with my education here in Skellefteå! Time has really just flown away and it's kind of hard to understand it's really been two years..

I will soon (probably next week or so) publish photos from the movie but here's one teaser for you ;)

tisdag 13 maj 2014


Now I'm back in Skellefteå for probably the last time. Now it's time to finish my movie and do all the post-production stuff and some final papers on it so in about a month I'm done with my education and have an exam in Film and TV set design :D 

Oh yeah, and also we did our little musical-show that we worked with since the autumn 2013 "i feel so much..." this sunday and I watched it today and it was so good I couldn't imagine! Really enjoyable to watch and I'm kind of satisfied with all my performances for the first time I think :)