måndag 28 oktober 2013

Fire sculpture!

This evening we sat fire to our metal sculpture "Shiva-God of dance" and it turned out to be absolutely fabolous and exactly like we wanted it to look like :) Next time our along with the other students sculptures will burn is at the dance festival here in Skellefteå "Dans i Novembermörkret"next monday, the 4th of november. 

The metal sculpture, almost ready

Now it's a fire sculpture :)

lördag 26 oktober 2013

Metal sculpture

Another part of the Skellefteå courses now are to make a metal sculpture that is going to have pieces of fire, hopefully on monday if the wheather conditions are good enough for it. Pictures of the sculpture is coming after it has been burned but here's a teaser how the sculpture looks right now :)

Fake wood and marble painting

Now we'd begun with our courses in Skellefteå after our hectic period in Stockholm. We have had two evening courses in painting fake wood and marble. The wood we made were pine, oak and mahogny and the marble were Carrara marble, Kolmårds-marble and St Anne marble.    

The green one is Kolmårds-marble and the white is Carrara

The class painting

The palette with pigment for the Kolmårds-marble

St Anne marble

tisdag 15 oktober 2013

The short movie project

Now I have time to write! I have been EXTREMELY busy with the short movie that we did in Stockholm with other film students from Stockholms Dramatiska högskola (Stockholm academy of dramatic arts). We had our period of shooting last week and though it was intense and stressful it went well. Very well actually :) The movie I worked with, "LAKSHMI", had 8 different locations, so it was A LOT of planning before the actual shooting. The locations we had was a gym hall, a forest (that we made magical and colorful), a hospital room, an open grave (that we built in a studio) and a home with a bed room, kitchen, dining area and a storage room. The movie it self is about an indian girl (adopted) that lives with her adoptive parents in Sweden. In the movie the girl (only surronded with white people) starts to change her skin colour, she's beginning to be more and more white skinned. The movie is very dreamy and poetic so it's a bit hard to explain it..Sadly we were so busy all the time that we didn't took so many pictures but here is a few of some of the locations. Hopefully I will get pictures from the other crew members and then I can post more pictures here :)