onsdag 3 juli 2013

Here we go again!

Last week I attended my third musical-academy in Lund and this time we did a stage version of the animated movie ANASTASIA! And it was awesome!!! I had such a great time and it was sooo much fun :D I had to play 5 different parts, first a russian thief/pick-pocket that I named Ruslana, then Rasputin including the first half of the song "In the dark of the night" (this was the funniest part this week), a zombie/demon/Rasputin-minion, a Parisian painter (where I actually live-sketched a portrait of the girl who played Anastasia in that scene) and last but not least, the dowager empress Marie. 
(sadly I don't own any picture of me on stage yet or a picture of me as Marie because of my 60 sec change from the painter to her)



The french painter

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