onsdag 17 april 2013

Internship so far

It has now been a while since I wrote something here but it's because my internship has begun :) I'm currently at Ljus&Dekor in Halmstad and work with the sets for Vallarna-teatern. It's an outside theatre in Falkenberg that set up a new theater-show every summer and it's always Ljus&Dekor that does the sets for it. This year the show is called "Livat i Parken". The company  will also build the sets for Nöjesteaterns (in Malmö) new musical, the classic "West Side Story" which will premiere in september. Along with Vallarna and Nöjesteatern they also do the set for the swedish comedian Tomas Petterssons new-old show "En riktig högoddsare" in Kalmar. Currently, I'm painting the sets for Vallarna but I have also painted some things for Tomas Petterssons show. I also helped with a "small" project where we did 15 black boxes that's going to be involved in Eurovision Song Contest 2013 in some way. 

This is what I have done and am doing right now :)  

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